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Full sized candles are available as samples here: SAMPLES | CANDLES

Nickel-sized wax samples, 100% soy wax


Samples are shipped as soon as product is available

Samples are non-returnable

Coupon codes or gift cards do not apply to sample orders

Scent Notes:


Bonica RoseLight and airy with hints of water, rose, amber and musk

Elderflower: Sparkling elderflower, mandarin and petitgrain engulfed with lavender, amber and musk

Lavender: Pure lavender

Magnolia: White floral and strong pine needles blended with notes of citrus, turkish rose, and ginger


Anjou PearNotes of lemon zest, apple blossom, Anjou pear and white nectarine

Desert Fig: Sweet, woodsy fig

Pomelo: Pink grapefruit, bergamot, citrus & a hint of jasmine


Fir: A crisp, nostalgic blend of fir tree and sweet nectar that smells like a fresh cut Christmas Tree

Oakmoss: Seductive violet blended with clove, jasmine, patchouli and oakmoss finishing off with amber and musk. 

Oud Wood: Spicy citrus, cardamom, bergamot, cedar wood, and patchouli with a sweet amber finish

Evergreen: Notes of intense pine, eucalyptus, geranium and lavender rounded out by cedarwood, vanilla & patchouli


Cove: A refreshing blend of sea, oud wood, pepper and amber

Salt: Clean & fresh notes of lemon with a bit of spice. Sea & wood notes lead to a masculine oakmoss, amber and musk

Sandstone: Sage and sea air with mineral textures of sand, salt, and stone

Shore: White maple, citrus blossom, salt & musk


Amber Santal: Tobacco, birch leaf, sandalwood, jasmine & amber

Charcoal: Dark notes of beach fire mixed with pine, clove, ginger, leather and moss

White Musk: Jasmine, rose, and tuberose followed by orange, black pepper, and musk