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If you would like small scent samples instead of a full candle, please see our Scent Sample Pack listing

Please keep in mind that not all scents are currently being offered as 7oz candles (seasonal) but you are still welcome to order a wax sample


Maximum of one sample per item 

Samples are shipped as soon as product is available

Product Specifications:
Material: Sand Stoneware
Glaze Color: Ivory
Wax: 100% Soy
Wick: Cotton (.25”)
Net Wt.: 7 oz
Estimated Burn Time: Up to 60 hours.
Use: When first lit, let the candle burn until the wax melt pool extends to the walls of the vessel.

Vessel: 3” d x 3.25” h
Packaging: 3” x 3” x 4” 


Samples are non-returnable.

Coupon codes or gift cards do not apply to sample orders.