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We are looking for dynamic, hard-working, passionate individuals to join our team. As a fast-growing company, we are always hiring. 

Below is a list of all company positions.

We value each and every application received.


Please email resume to and fill out our questionnaire here to apply. 



Production Assistant 

Part-Time or Full-Time, hourly $15-18/hr (accepting applications

Resume and cover letter can be submitted to, subject line “Name- Resume”. Please fill out a questionnaire here to apply for this position.

Ceramics experience is valued but not required.


  • Position is an hourly role, available for part-time or full-time, based on applicants availability and company needs.
  • Cross-training and working in various aspects of our Production Team, such as cleaning, glazing, carving, slip mixing, casting and kiln-loading, depending on previous career experience and production needs. Daily responsibilities will rotate depending on what tasks are needed to get done.
    Technical Responsibilities:
    • Cleaning entails refining the surface of bone dry, slip casted pieces through scraping and sponging. 
    • Glazing entails working with bisque ware pieces, throughout the full process of, dipping, scraping and sponging. 
    • Carving entails working with casted forms to remove pieces of the form through our signature carving style.
    • Casting entails working within our casting station to clean molds, stamp pieces, set up molds, caste pieces, and maintain slip buckets.
    • Kiln Loading entails working with kilns that get up to 2300 degrees. Loading and unloading at appropriate temperatures for both bisque and glaze firings.
    • Slip Mixing entails mixing the Convivial recipe according to our protocol. This task is very labor-intensive, requiring repetitive lifting of 50# bags of raw materials.


        • Must be able to lift 50 pounds or more, following ergonomic standards.


        Please email resume to and fill out our questionnaire here to apply.