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Product Dimensions:

Minimal Salad Plate: 7.75" d x 1" h
Minimal Dinner Plate: 9” d x 1” h
Minimal Bowl: 6.75” d x 3” h
Minimal Pasta Bowl: 9.25” d x 2” h
10 oz Minimal Mug: Capacity 10 oz

Minimal 4” Side Dish: 4.5” w x .5” h
Minimal 6” Side Dish: 6.5” w x .75” h
Minimal Salad Dish: 6.5” d x 1.5” h
Minimal Dinner Dish: 9.5” d x 1.5” h

Minimal Ramekin Dish: 3” w x 1.5” h
Oval Serving Tray: 14” l x 7” w x 0.5" h
Minimal Serving Bowl: 10.75” d x 4” h
Geodesic Fruit Bowl: 10.5" d x 4.5" h

Minimal Salad Plate | Porcelain: 7.75" d x 1" h
Minimal Dinner Plate | Porcelain: 9” d x 1” h
Minimal Bowl | Porcelain: 6.75” d x 3” h
10 oz Minimal Mug | Porcelain: Capacity 10 oz

Product Specifications:

Material: Sand Stoneware
Glaze: Ivory
Use: Microwave safe, dishwasher safe, food safe; not tested for oven safety


Samples are non-returnable.

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